Plant Construction

In addition to the production of hygienic ball valves and pigging technology, Gulbinat now also offers plant construction for liquid and pasty media. When modernizing, optimizing or expanding your systems, you can achieve innovative and economical implementation quickly and efficiently with Gulbinat as your strategic partner. Benefit from our many years of know-how in hygienic applications in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries as well as the chemical and paint industries. Our customers all over the world have trusted in the reliability and quality of Gulbinat for years.

Pipeline Construction

Pipeline construction is a central element of today's plant construction. Regardless of whether it's a new building project or conversion work on existing systems: the pipelines usually have to be relaid or adapted. For this purpose, the weld seams are carried out professionally via TIG or orbital welding processes. The quality of the pipeline construction is also a decisive influencing factor for the use of the Gulbinat pigging technology. We make sure there are no unwanted bumps or offsets. In this way, the pig can achieve the ideal cleaning result during the pig journey.
On request, you will receive a suitable weld seam documentation.

Pigging systems

Today,pigging systems and the pig technology associated with them are indispensable. During the pigging process, the so-called pig is driven through the pipeline by means of a suitable propellent in order to push product residues out of the pipeline. The residual product obtained can be fully utilized and increases your product yield. The piggable pipeline is pre-cleaned and can now be cleaned with a short CIP cleaning. Finally, the remaining CIP medium is emptied when the pig returns. Depending on the product and application, rinsing with water is recommended. At the end you get the best hygienic cleaning result.
When using pigging technology, you usually only need one pipeline through which you can transport different products with clean batch separation. With larger production plants, a second pigging plant can be operated as a backup.

Secure the advantages of pigging technology in order to equip your production in a resource-saving and efficient manner for long-term success.


For successful project implementation, we offer you complete engineering. This includes in advance the creation of R&I flow charts, production of the 3D design, creation of a specification and the determination of a possible process flow.
Here it is important that we work hand in hand with you so that you get the best result in the end. Reasonable basic engineering is the basis of every successful project execution


In addition to the pipeline construction, the Gulbinat pigging technology and the engineering, the automation complements the scope of the project.
The planned process steps must be implemented precisely, especially when using hygienic pigging technology.
During automation, an abstract of the production plant is usually visualized via a control panel. In addition to the usual control and operating functions, the operator can see on the HMI panel which production step is currently running and which hygienic ball valve is switched. Faults are detected by sensors and pass on warning signals.
In addition, there is the possibility of setting the production program for the respective day or shift via various stored programs. Today's control options make a significant contribution to automating production

Collectors & Distributors

The so-called collectors or distribution trees are primarily used to bring several pipelines together.
Since these components are particularly critical with regard to the contamination of production systems, special attention must be paid to the hygienic design and high-quality workmanship.
Gulbinat constructs, manufactures and assembles your collectors and distributor trees according to your individual requirements. For this we need in advance the desired connection types, number of connections,
component list, as well as the installation dimension.
You will then receive the 3D construction from us for review before we manufacture the components and install them on your construction site if you have an order

CIP Systems

CIP systems (Cleaning in Place) are process systems that are used to clean system parts, especially containers, reactors, machines and pipe systems. A mixture of water, chemicals and heat is used to achieve the perfect cleaning result.
You can clean your system components without dismantling them first.
This saves you a considerable amount of time and at the same time ensures the hygienic requirements for the next production cycle.
The product ejection with the pigging technique followed by a short and concise CIP cleaning shows the best and most sustainable cleaning result.
Areas of application are the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

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