Sanitary Ball Valves and Pigging Systems

Gulbinat many years of experience
Quality Made in Germany

Product overview

HYG Pigging System

The smartest and most economical way of pipe cleaning ...

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Smart Solutions

Planning, consulting, implementation of projects ...

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Sanitary 3-Way Ball Valve

Alternative for T-piece...

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Sanitary 2-Way Ball Valve

No more germinated pipes...

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Sanitary Tank Outlet Valves

For a hygienic filling process...

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Why Gulbinat?

We redefine dead space inside ball valves with the result of no more contaminated pipes. We deliver added value!

  • No dead space, no product residues, no sticking 
  • Reduced cleaning and maintenance effort
  • Highest product yield
  • Increase in profitability while reducing your costs
  • Lower ecological footprint

Put your trust in Gulbinat products, stop to worry about hygienic issues and focus on your own core competence. Our customers are satisfied because we offer:



Years of experience and innovative solutions for hygienic production processes Sustainability and quality - guaranteed trouble-free functionality. As a rule, the robust and sanitary Valves from GULBINAT are almost maintenance-free. 


Convincing savings potential with GULBINAT products through significantly minimized maintenance costs and cleaning processes. Rely on only limited contamination of your production with GULBINAT's unique almost completely dead space-free sealing technology. HYG Valves and pigging systems guarantee significantly faster cleaning, more efficient production, accelerated product changes, significantly reduced downtimes, resource-saving use of fresh water and consequently less waste water, chemicals and costs.